Jason "Sock Of Fleagulls" Gross

I'm a child of the '80s and have been blogging about my favorite decade on RediscoverThe80s.Com since Oct 1, 2011. After being a guest on several podcasts over the course of a couple years, I started brainstorming ideas for an '80s show of my own. Stumbling onto a YouTube clip taken from VH1's "I Love The '80s" reality show in early 2013, I had the idea to produce a show based on its format. After consulting a few podcasting friends, I began forming topics and recruiting guests for the pilot episode.

The inital podcast debuted on May 23, 2013 to raving revie
ws from '80s fans across the web and the show continues today with no set release schedule. As with the VH1 series, the podcast features numerous general topics ranging from movies, TV, music, fads, and pop culture from the '80s. 
Beyond just general discussion, I've created some fun original topics including "Wapner's Revenge" where panelists are sentenced to torturous '80s music & movies playing on continuous loop. Panelists may also find themselves "Trapped" with only a couple random '80s celebrities to help them out of a desperate situation. "Do You Remember?" asks the panel if they can remember "the first time they" experienced something in pop culture. "Drive" puts the panel behind the wheel of Hollywood's most famous rides.

Producing and editing the show is a tedious process so I've decided to also use a more traditional podcast format for new shows. I won't be abandoning the original format, as it makes RD80s unique. However, I do want to release new podcasts more frequently and the tradional format will provide that.

I'm also proud to have the RD80s Podcast as part of the Throwback Network of podcasts.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to your feedback!

- Jason