Knight Rider: Memories & Comic #1 Review (1:29:10) 
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Join host Jason Gross with RD80s contributor Wyatt Bloom as they chat about Knight Rider. They talk about their experiences throughout the years with the franchise and then review the first comic book in the recent Lion Forge Knight Rider series.

Episode 2 (1:29:10)
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Topics Include:

MOVIES - Raiders of the Lost Ark
WAPNER'S REVENGE - 24 hours of "Mickey" or "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" music video on a loop
TOYS - Did you play more with Rubik's Cube or Simon? 
DO YOU REMEMBER? - The first time you played the Nintendo Entertainment System
FOOD - Which breakfast cereal would you bring back? 

Episode 1 (2:49:59)

Topics Include:

MOVIES - Ghostbusters 
WAPNER'S REVENGE - 48 hours of Bobby McFerrin or Rick Astley on a continous loop?
CARTOONS - Which series deserved more than 13 episodes, Pole Position or Turbo Teen?
TRAPPED - Trapped on a deserted island with Jacko the Energizer guy and appliance store guru Crazy Eddie
FOOD - Bring back the McDLT, Wendy's Superbar, or Choco Taco?
DO YOU REMEMBER? - The first movie you watched on VHS or Betamax
FADS - Trapper Keeper
DRIVE - Would you rather have the BTTF DeLorean Time Machine or K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider?